Mission Trips

The world needs change outside our community as well! That’s why we plan regular mission trips to affect change and promote peace across the world!

Miraflores, Puerto Rico 2019

Another mission trip to Miraflores, Puerto Rico! Jim, Caitlin and George went off and assessed electrical problems in nearby homes. The rest of us went to Norma’s home to paint. Sherry, Margara and Tessie helped to clean up debris and leaves, leaving front and side yards beautiful. Eddie shares info on biodiversity, climate change and life cycle in the tropics, from plants to water to mushroom to bees, all necessary ingredients to ecosystem. We ended the trip with a party at the Gazebo we built last year!

Miraflores, Puerto Rico 2018

Mission trip to Miraflores, Puerto Rico. We started the project by clearing out the vines and grasses on the hillside by the gazebo. It seemed an impossible task! We planted seeds from St. Joseph’s in Arkansas, spread rocks, and built garden boxes. We planted squash, radishes, parsley, dill and oregano, and planted marigolds around the perimeter.

Orocovis, Puerto Rico

Puerto Rico has a shortage of seed as much of their agricultural area was wiped out by the hurricanes last year. As part of our mission, we be took over many different types of vegetable seeds to plant in a six-acre parcel of land in Miraflores. We focused our efforts on repairing cement roofs on two homes in Humacao, clearing overgrown gardens, and then doing repair work on several homes in Orocovis. Taking out appliances and replacing with ones that are more functional. Maria got a better stove, toilet, sink in bathroom and kitchen. Pax Christi is also getting her a tv/radio stand for her living room as a housewarming gift.

Volunteering in Trujillo, Honduras

Pax Christi members traveled to volunteer with Peace Partner, Christ the King Church, to assist at a local medical center in Trujillo, Honduras.