Social Change Events

We organize and carry out regular rallies and protest that both promote peace and challenge violence and injustice! Be the change you want to see!

Peace Week Murals 2020

Take a Knee for Justice Rally

Members of Pax Christi Little Rock participated in the “Take a Knee” for Justice Rally at the historic Hoover Methodist Church in Little Rock. Speakers including Marquis Hunt, Donald Wood of Just Communities, Dr. Malik Saafir of Philander Smith College, and Senator Joyce Elliott spoke on issues of white privilege, systemic racism, and remedial steps to address the serious iniquities that continue to promote racism in our society.

Iran War Protest

Over 100 people showed up at a moment’s notice at an anti-war rally at the Promenade on Kavanaugh in Little Rock. The rally was sponsored by Arkansas Coalition for Peace and Justice, Pax Christi LR, World Beyond War, WAND and Veterans Against War.

2019 Peace Week

To celebrate Peace Week and as part of the peace curriculum in the Arkansas Catholic Schools, the art teacher and students at St. Theresa School in Little Rock painted a Peace Tree mural on the wall in the cafeteria. Then, every student personalized a tracing of their hand to make a rainbow of leaves to place on the tree. The children at Rockefeller Elementary will carry peace signs in our Peace Walk with them tomorrow morning! Such beautiful, generous children!

September 18 – “Hugs and High Fives” We had music playing and greet everyone with a hug or high five when they come in. We get a lot of great smiles and feedback from parents about this one!

September 20 – We took our school Peace Day photo following an assembly. It’s gotten better every year. The theme for this year was “Climate Action for Peace” so our design is a flower with a peace symbol growing out of our basketball court.

Peace Rally and Vigil

There were about 40 people holding signs and enjoying the speakers and music that reminded us “never again.”

Volunteering at Christ the King Rexfest

Pax Christi set up a drink booth at the Christ the King Rexfest, and gathered volunteers to work the booth all day long!

2018 Peace Week

Kicked off Peace Week with an inspirational Interfaith program, Peace Across Faiths: An Interfaith Celebration of the International Day of Peace and AR Peace Week, at Madina Institute. Sophia Said’s generosity and hospitality are a shining example of how we should live with one another. There was such wisdom spoken across the faiths. It was an honor to be present with so many folks who believe that peace can only be found through unity. Rockefeller Elementary made wonderful peace art thats displayed at the Central High National Historic Site Visitor Center Thursday-Saturday of Peace Week. Held the Youth Summit and Peacefest awards at Central High.

March for Science

Pax Christi and others marched to the Capitol in support of science and evidence-based policy making. Great opportunity to speak with several candidates supporting this cause!

Pilgrimage for Peace

2018 Pilgrimage for Peace in the downtown Little Rock area.

Peace Rally at the Arkansas State Capitol

Huge turnout for the Peace Rally at the Arkansas State Capitol.

DACA March

DACA march at Central High School to stand up for the Dreamers!

Peace Walk

Pax Christi peace walk at the Riverfront Park.

March at the State Capital

Pax Christi march on the State Capital

Death Penalty Protest and Vigil

Judge Wendell Griffen takes action in front of the governor’s mansion along with peace and social justice activists across the state.