Below you can find a list of our projects, fundraisers, and peace partners

Your donation helps us carry out all of our active peacemaking efforts

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Pantry Mission
In partnership with Settled Souls and Jericho Way, Pax Christi LR provides food to individuals/families who are resettled in homes of their own.

Backpack Program
Before each school year, PCLR donates school supplies to elementary schools in the local area. $100 provides 8 children with a backpack filled with supplies for the year.

Pilgrimage for Peace
Every April, PCLR hosts this remembrance service to honor those who have died at the hand of violence.

Afghan Family Resettlement
Starting December 2021, PCLR in partnership with Christ the King, became an Afghan family’s sponsor team, helping them resettle in Little Rock.


Thanks to Raymond Bertasi, serving trays, charcuterie boards, cutting boards, trivets
and coasters are available. Your donation will help fund programs providing essential school supplies to needy children.

Peace Partners