Peace Week

Landscape for Peace

By Sherry Simon. This morning, Pax Christi Little Rock, Arkansas Coalition for Peace and Justice, Arkansas WAND and Braver Angels all sent out members to work with Central Arkansas Habitat for Humanity on landscaping not 1 or 2 but 7 homes in North Little Rock. You may remember over a year ago when we started the campaign to raise $2500 so that we could work with Habitat to landscape a home. Well, because of COVID restrictions, our opportunity to work together was delayed . . .until today! Just in time for Peace Week. What a perfect day we had for digging, planting and mulching. A cool and cloudy 70 degrees. Our crew got there around 8 am and we were told that they had enough plants and bushes for four houses. Well, by 9:30 we had just about finished the work to be done on those four homes, so they sent Susi Blanco off with a credit card to get more bushes, mulch, etc. after asking us if we would be willing to continue. We were having so much fun, there was no question about that. We had all 7 houses finished with an additional 14 potted flowers to leave on porches by 11:30. And that was in spite of the big rocks we had to dig up in the process! 

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