Pantry Mission Updates

Pax Christi LR Pantry Mission Updates: August 2022

Dear Pantry volunteers,
The beginnings of Fall are making an appearance right on time after our Labor Day holiday! Thank you for taking the time out during this extra busy time of year to work with us at Pax Christi LR and Settled Souls to help our neighbors move into their new homes. Providing fresh and staple foods for these folks increases their sense of security in their new space and makes a positive difference in their lives. Our next food pantry packing meeting will be held at the Dining Hall in St. John’s Center on Sunday, October 2 at 3 pm. Please bring all of your assigned foods. We will be packing 5 tubs to be used on future moves. God bless each one of you always!

In August, Settled Souls moved three individuals into homes of their own in Little Rock. On August 16, Mike and the CTK Settled Souls team helped settle in Eddie. Eddie had a series of unfortunate events happen in his life that contributed to him becoming homeless. However, he has taken many steps to get back on his feet. He now has a place of his own and is working full-time and doing great! Lee Bass provided the pantry box food and helped with the move.

On August 25, Settled Souls settled Robert into his apartment home. When Robert was in California, family challenges and the loss of a job during the pandemic contributed to his homelessness. Robert moved to Arkansas from California for a fresh start and is now in the process of getting back on his feet. He is so grateful for the help he has received from organizations in Little Rock such as Jericho Way, Canvas Church and Settled Souls. Robert said that he was amazed how quickly his apartment could feel more like home. Lee and Agnes Bass supplied the food and helped with the move. On August 30, the CTK Settled Souls team helped Xavier settle into his new home. Xavier had been homeless for six months due to housing challenges. He was very grateful for the help with home goods, especially for the furniture and accessories in his bedroom. Mary Hunt provided the Pax Christi pantry start-up and also helped in the move.

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